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So, you've gotten a DUI. Now what? Well, first off I hope you have learned your lesson. If not, you will. A drunk driving charge is a great inconvenience , to both you , and by association your family and friends. So, expect to find out who your friends are, and a little bit about what your made of.

Here, I will give you a few tips to help you get through this little debacle. Me, being a two time DUI offender, knows that there can be some pitfalls, and curve balls in the DUI legal process, and maybe with this website a little luck, and this small guide you can avoid a few of them. If this doesn't help, I hope you make use the links at the bottom.

1) Attorney or no attorney

Even if this is your first offense I strongly suggest getting an attorney. You will probably pay more in the long run but having an attorney can lessen the severity of your punishment. From having a second offense amended to a first, making it easier to get a hardship license, and even having it dismissed all together.

2)State laws

Drunk Driving laws vary from state to state, so learn yours. It will go a long way to helping you understand your situation. Variances from state to state are huge,. Here are a few examples to give you an idea; In Florida on a first offense you could face; vehicle impounding, lose your license for up to a year, and community service. While in Kentucky you've got: 120 day license suspension, 12-24 Alcohol Offenders classes. So, what state you got charged in weighs heavily on your case and experiences with the court system. Know your state DUI/DWI laws, and get a head start on what you need to do to get through it.

3) DUI/DWI Classes

DUI/DWI classes are a necessary evil in most, if not all states. In addition to your fines, and attorney's fees (if you choose to get one) you will pay for each and every class. So warm your checkbook up. I pay $25 a class x 52 classes + $50 assessment fee= $1350+ $850 fine= $2200. It might sound like a lot, especially for someone on a limited income. The good news is it is usually weekly and if you're lucky it will fit in your budget.

4) License Suspension

Obviously, this will cause you the most trouble from your DUI/DWI offense. This will affect your family, friends, job, and just about every aspect of your waking life. You might be eligible for a hardship licenses. If you are, get one, if not read on. Check in your state if you need a license to ride a moped that is less than 50 cc. Ohio, is one and I am sure there are others, but if you are unlucky and your live in a state where they don't; Remember when I said, You will find out who your friends are, and you will need each and every one of them.

5) Drunk Driving Myths

Now for a few myths about a DUI/DWI charge. First off, if you think you can just wait until it 'falls off' your record, guess again. Since the advent of digital storage, slipping through the cracks is a thing of the past. DUI/DWI will stick with you from the time you got it until the time you complete the court ordered punishment. I have seen a lot of questions on yahoo about whether or not a dui offender can ride a moped. All I can say is check your local laws. If you can lucky you, until the winter months roll in.

A DUI/DWI sucks, but they are survivable so don't be discouraged. I haven't driven in almost four years, but I am not dead and I am writing an article for yahoo. So, remember you will get though this, just make wise and informed decisions. I'm not trying to scare you, but understand you are in for what is by design a headache. So, hold on, bear down and you will get through.

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